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Frequently Asked Questions

We simplify the process of appealing your property taxes and make it easy to understand. Whether residential or commercial, we help you get more from your investment.

Stack of Envelopes

Why Did I Receive This Mailing?

How Did You Get My Address?

Donation Jar

What's The Upfront Cost?

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Is this really 100% private?


What's A Property Tax Appeal?

Men with Calculator

Why do so many savvy property owners appeal every year?

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Can anyone appeal their property taxes?

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Why Might My Property Taxes Be Too High?

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How are property taxes calculated and paid?

Dollar Notes

Will this cost anything if I win? 

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How long will this take? 


"Appraised Value" vs.  "Assessed Value"

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What's "The Cook County Board Of Review"?


What if the Assessor's office is closed?

When will I know if I won?

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How can Property Tax Reducers lower my tax assessment?

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I missed the deadline for my township. Now what?

Credit Card

What forms of payment do you accept?

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