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Start your property tax appeal in a flash

with our QuickStart instant mobile option

Don't risk missing Cook County deadlines. Use your tablet, phone, or laptop to get started right away. 

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• Some fields will not allow you to type into them as they must be completed by us.

To ensure accuracy in your filing, we'll fill in several sections on the below forms for your convenience.


You'll see the information we fill in reflected in the final copies we send with your confirmation email.  

Thank you!

Tips To Make It Easy

Tapping the gold-orange arrow will bring you to the next text box 

You'll see a red outline around required text boxes. You can enlarge with a pinching & opening motion

Tapping on the red-highlighted field will bring up a keyboard. 

When you finish typing, tap "done" and then tap the arrow again to "enter" 

Now the arrow is ready to take you to the next text box.

Mobile Phone Users


Ready? Let's Start Your Appeal.


• YOU MUST HAVE COOKIES ENABLED ON YOUR PHONE/COMPUTER.  Also "private viewing/incognito" browser windows will not allow authentication necessary for document security. 

• Then you'll see a confirmation screen and thank you note

If you don't see the confirmation screen, go back and fill in missing fields using the golden arrow as both  an  "advance to next tab" and "enter" tool. 

• To submit, scroll back up to the top of the form window until you see a green button that says "Finish." 


AFTER YOU FILL OUT ONLINE FORMS- you'll receive a PDF of your partially completed forms. When we fill out and sign our half, you'll receive a SECOND email notifying you that you're on your way.  Next, we'll prepare your case and submit it with Cook County's Assessor or Board of Review.

Wondering What's Next?

For more information on the timeline of property tax appeals, go to: 

• Cook County usually takes 4-5 months to process appeals.

• Savings from successful appeals are automatically deducted from your next property tax bill. 

(Note: We'll be researching and preparing your case before filing it, so allow time for your appeal to show up with the county. You can always call us in the interim) 

Great Savings Are Worth The Wait

"Helping people get ahead is just what we do."

"I'm a local guy. I grew up here and I know how hard people work for what they have. Property Tax Reducers helps make sure they get a fair assessment and a more robust return from their investment."

-Manuel Herrera, Attorney & Founder

These Riverside Homeowners Saved $2,303.00

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